New Reports by Economist Robert Repetto Explore Climate Change Impacts in Massachusetts, Florida, and Virginia
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Submitted by EFC Team on June 25th, 2012

A Project to Communicate Economic Interests in
Climate Stabilization in Arizona, Florida, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Mexico, and Virginia
Continuing increases in greenhouse gas emissions are exposing the nation and the world to ever more dangerous risks. A strong national mitigation policy is urgently needed.
Robert Repetto, Senior Fellow at the United Nations Foundation, has begun a project to identify the climate change impacts in several states. The project will generate and disseminate information on the harm that global warming is predicted to cause to the economies and to the citizens of selected states. The information will go beyond the scientific assessments of regional and state climate change impacts now available by analyzing and explaining the economic significance of those impacts on key sectors of the state economies, on households and on state and local governments.
Reports have been prepared for ArizonaFloridaMassachusettsNevadaNew Mexico, and Virginia, six states that will suffer increasingly serious damages from heat waves, drought, water shortages, fire and dust storms, sea level rise, and worsening air pollution, but which also have unmatched renewable energy resources. These reports identify the economic damages to population inflows, real estate and construction, tourism and recreation industries, utilities, public health as well as agriculture and ranching.
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