Media Campaign Highlights Building STAR
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Submitted by EFC Team on April 26th, 2010

Building STAR Banner AdThe Building STAR coalition, made up of more than 80 organizations including labor groups, manufacturers, businesses, and efficiency advocates, launched an advertising campaign today to spread the word about America’s opportunity to revitalize its commercial building sector while creating up to 200,000 jobs by the end of 2011.

“This campaign highlights how Building STAR will have an immediate impact on the economy by creating jobs in the hard-hit construction and manufacturing sectors while reducing energy costs,” said Robert Wilkins, president of Danfoss North America, a key supporter of Building STAR. “Investing in improving the energy efficiency of our commercial buildings creates jobs across the entire supply chain.”

“Building STAR could start creating jobs almost immediately because it uses existing programs as models, and the commercial building sector is ready to put people back to work,” said Reid Detchon, executive director of the Energy Future Coalition. “Building STAR will improve the economic situation of workers right away and save consumers money on future energy costs.”

Ads have been placed in Roll Call, CQ, and the National Journal‘s Congress Daily for the first week, and will be placed in an expanded portfolio of publications in the near future.

To view the full-page advertisement, click here.

We encourage you to also view the publications that the advertisement is running in.  Please click through to the following publications’ websites to see more:

To read the press release regarding the ad campaign, click here.

For more information on the Building STAR program, click here.


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