Maryland Continues Energy Conservation Efforts
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Submitted by EFC Team on January 7th, 2009

Last year, the Energy Future Coalition supported passage of the EmPower Maryland Act, which sets a goal to reduce electricity consumption by 15% by 2015.  Last week, the Maryland Public Service Commission ordered the state’s regulated utilities to deliver two-thirds of the total reduction. Electric utilities will market ways to save energy (and money), like rebates on efficient appliances and home energy audits, to their customers.  These programs will be supported by small conservation fees on utility bills.
Consumer advocates are backing the plan.  This excerpt is from a recent Baltimore Sun article:

“If a customer just takes advantage of one or two proposed measures, you’ll wipe out any charge,” said Theresa V. Czarski, deputy people’s counsel, whose office represents the interests of consumers in utility matters. “People who participate in these programs will see immediate benefits, and over the long term that helps bring down the cost of electricity for everyone.”

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