Kurt Shickman Joins Global Cool Cities Alliance
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Submitted by EFC Team on June 10th, 2011

Kurt Shickman, the Energy Future Coalition’s former Director of Research, has joined the Global Cool Cities Alliance as its first Executive Director.  Kurt has been with the Energy Future Coalition for five years and has been instrumental in leading the Coalition’s work on energy efficiency.
“Kurt was a key part of the Energy Future Coalition’s efforts on energy efficiency.  His analytical excellence and calm demeanor helped us work towards our goals and will no doubt help the Global Cool Cities Alliance reach theirs.  We are excited to see him continue in this space, working to help building owners save energy through cool roofs and reflective surfaces, but we will miss him on our team.  We wish him the best of luck,” said Reid Detchon, Executive Director of the Energy Future Coalition.
The Global Cool Cities Alliance (GCCA) seeks to accelerate a worldwide transition to highly reflective, cooler, and healthier cities.  Its mission is to advance policies and programs that increase the solar reflectance of buildings and pavements to promote cool buildings and cool cities, and, most importantly, to mitigate the effects of climate change through global cooling.
The GCCA Board includes leading technical experts, advocates, and climate change thought leaders, including Hashem Akbari of Concordia University, Catherine Hunt of Dow Chemical Company, Gregory Kats of Good Energies, Ronnen Levinson of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Art Rosenfeld of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Steve Wiel of the Collaborative Labeling and Appliance Standards Program, and John Wilson of the Energy Foundation.
“We are pleased to have Kurt coming on board. We have admired his work at the Energy Future Coalition for years and know that he will bring talent, vision, and discipline to Global Cool Cities Alliance,” said John Wilson, Buildings Program Director at the Energy Foundation and Board Chair of Global Cool Cities Alliance.
Read the GCCA press release by clicking here.

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