Energy Future Coalition Releases Progress Report
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Submitted by EFC Team on September 12th, 2011

Today, the Energy Future Coalition released a progress report, “Change the Rules, Hurry the Future: Challenges and Opportunities on the Path to a New Energy Future.” Released seven years after the Coalition’s foundational report, this updated progress report demonstrates that the stakes for getting our nation’s energy policy right remain high.
Energy remains the linchpin of our economic future – in the United States and around the world. National securityclimate changesustainable development, and the fate of the global environment are all affected by energy choices.
Energy systems are big and slow to change, but the world has clearly begun a transition to a low-carbon future – a transition that will involve trillions of dollars of investment and that is highly likely to pick up speed over the coming years.  This provides a context for decision makers to evaluate spending and policy options.
Since its inception, the Coalition has urged the United States to chart a new course in clean energy policy so that it might seize this economic opportunity, reduce the emissions that cause global climate change, and curb its dependence on oil.  Unfortunately, the energy debate in the United States has recently become tangled in an increasingly partisan standoff, reinforced by the massive growth of special-interest campaign expenditures.  Economic and political forces designed to protect the status quo have been remarkably successful, particularly in loosening the obvious connection between climate change and energy policy.
Over the coming years, the Energy Future Coalition will work to break this political paralysis, facilitate constructive engagement by the private sector, and build on the creativity of state and local governments – using the lessons generated by our federal system. The dysfunction in the federal legislature must be overcome, and new economic and environmental opportunities for a rapidly growing global market must be better articulated if the necessary speed and scale of our energy transition are to be realized.
To read the full report, please click on the links below:
“Change the Rules, Hurry the Future: Challenges and Opportunities on the Path to a New Energy Future” 

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