Consumer Federation of America: Consumers Save With Energy Efficiency
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Submitted by EFC Team on May 21st, 2009

A new study by the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) titled A Consumer Analysis of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Standards concludes that energy efficiency is critical to a consumer-friendly energy policy. The renewable energy and efficiency standards included in the original draft legislation proposed by Representatives Waxman and Markey — a 25% renewable energy standard and targets of 15% efficiency for electricity and 10% for natural gas — would save consumers $200 billion a year by 2030.  You can listen to the briefing here.

CFA Director of Research and study author Mark Cooper notes:

“Efficiency and renewables are the lowest-cost, cleanest options we have for meeting future energy needs while also saving consumers billions on their monthly bills.  They should be the cornerstone of our national energy policy, whether or not we adopt policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

These policies are needed, the report notes, because the markets for efficiency and renewable energy are rife with artificial imperfections that result in utilities choosing energy investments that are more expensive than they need to be and less clean than they should be.

The findings further confirm the vital role energy efficiency and renewable energy play in minimizing the costs of implementing energy and climate policy – a position detailed in a Coalition report by David Gardiner called “The Three Pillars Approach“.  Click here to listen to a press conference about the Three Pillars paper.



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