Coalition Steering Committee Members Call For Clean Energy Economy
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Submitted by EFC Team on November 13th, 2008

Tim Wirth and Hank Habitch, both members of the Energy Future Coalition Steering Committee jointly released this opinion piece that outlines bipartisan recommendations for building the clean energy economy.  An excerpt is below:

Nation’s recovery lies in a clean-energy economy

We need to focus on investments that can get the American economy back on track, and investments in energy are among the most promising ways to secure a long-term recovery.

For the sake of our national, economic and environmental security, we must act now – and act boldly – to put ourselves on a sustainable-energy footing. The question is whether we will lead or follow in the global energy revolution.

…The task of rebuilding our energy infrastructure recalls other great economic transformations in America’s past, such as building the railroads and the interstate highway system. The next president must be willing to accept the challenge by putting energy at the heart of his economic strategy.

He should assemble all the key agencies of government – economic, national security and environmental – to work together under presidential leadership with a single-minded mission of enabling the U.S. energy economy to meet the needs of the 21st century.


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