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Earth to Paris

Submitted by EFC Team on November 4th, 2015

Expanding the climate conversation to advance progress for people and planet

This December, world leaders are gathering in Paris for a landmark United Nations convening to complete a new global climate agreement – an extraordinary opportunity for the international community to rise to meet the threat of climate change. To achieve a world where everyone lives with dignity and opportunity – a vision leaders embraced in the global goals for sustainable development – we must take strong action on climate change. Everyone has a role to play. As governments convene for the conference, civil society groups, businesses, experts, innovators and citizens will also gather to share climate solutions and to let leaders know that we care about the outcome of Paris.

Earth To Paris—the Coalition:

What happens in Paris matters to all of us, which is why we need to expand the climate conversation beyond Paris and to the world. A diverse coalition of groups – from foundations to technology companies to media organizations and more – is coming together to launch Earth To Paris, an innovative campaign and convening strategy to drive awareness and host events, including a two-day “Earth To Paris—le Hub” (December 7 & 8) to highlight the connection between people and planet and the need for strong climate action; showcase climate solutions and innovations; bring together communities to promote collaboration; and engage people around the world in the dialogue happening in Paris. This coalition will raise the profile, volume and level of discussion and action around COP-21.

Earth To Paris—le Hub:

On December 7 at the Petit Palais and December 8 at UNESCO headquarters, experts, advocates, CEOs, and other leaders will discuss creative and impactful solutions to climate change. Through digital communications, people and groups across the globe will be able to join the event, share ideas, and raise their voices for climate action. This is an opportunity to raise awareness of the important conference taking place in Paris and to inspire bold, meaningful action for people and the planet.

Earth To Paris—the Drumbeat:

In the lead up to the United Nations convening, the Earth To Paris coalition will lead a digital activation, social media conversation with the hashtag #EarthToParis, and rally global voices on climate change.


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