ACORE National Renewable Energy Policy Forum
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Submitted by EFC Team on September 15th, 2014

Join ACORE for the National Renewable Energy Policy Forum: Evolving Policy to Keep Pace with Market Innovation!


U.S. renewable energy and fossil fuel energy markets are rapidly evolving as industry innovates and deploys new technology, paving the way for a rebirth of U.S. energy production leadership.   The U.S. renewable energy industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the US economy presenting important economic and environmental security opportunities.   Since 2008, surpassing all other sources, more than 37% of all new U.S. power capacity has been generated by renewable energy resources.  Renewable fuels and electric vehicles are enabling customer choice and breaking our century long dependence on a single fuel source.   A combination of private sector investment and innovation, as well as, federal and state policy has driven substantial renewable energy cost reduction, scale-up and an expanding value chain throughout the country.

As these power and transportation markets develop, policy needs to evolve to keep up with the pace of and foster even greater innovation.  Industry needs a consistent and long-term policy to optimize investment, development and use of the nation’s abundant and cost-competitive renewable energy resources.   ACORE’s National Renewable Energy Policy Forum will convene the renewable energy industry to chart the path forward for pro-growth, constructive and bipartisan renewable energy policy that will foster additional private sector investment and innovation.

Join renewable energy leaders and policy makers from Capitol Hill and across the country as we assess renewable energy market growth and make the case for a coherent, long-term and consistent federal policy framework to accelerate the transformation of our nation’s energy sector.

Don’t miss this conference – get your seat at the table!  Register now.

History of ACORE’s National Policy Forum

Originally titled Phase II of Renewable Energy in America National Policy Forum, ACORE’s National Policy forum was first held in 2003. The goal of the conference is to convey the contribution of renewable energy to the nation’s energy needs by bringing together high-level speakers to discuss the energy policy issues concerning renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable development, the environment and related fields.

Keynotes have included Governor Bill Richardson, reporter Thomas Friedman, the Honorable Andy Karsner, and many other leading figures passionate about the success of renewable energy.

In addition, an emphasis is made on providing networking opportunities for participants. Attendees, speakers and sponsors are encouraged to attend the opening reception.

Why Phase II?

Phase I of renewable energy in America was the period from 1975-2000, centered on federally-funded research, development and demonstration (RD&D) programs that were successful. After 25 years of effort by our nation’s best scientists and engineers, and approximately $15 billion spent, the US has an array of new technologies in wind power, solar energy, hydropower, ocean energy, geothermal energy, biomass energy and biofuels.

  • ACORE has designated “Phase II” to be the period from 2000 to 2025, when the focus will be on putting the new technologies to use.

Phase II policies began at the state level with the passage of Renewable Portfolio Standards and economic incentives. Now it is time to instill the philosophies of Phase II into federal policy. There is a need to recognize the public benefits for domestic energy supply, national security, economic security, environmental protection, global warming, investment opportunities, and job creation. There is a pressing need for policy stability so that companies have a reasoned basis for making long-term investments in factories and the financial community can have reasonable confidence making investments in new projects.


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