Stephanie Herseth Sandlin Joins 25x’25 Steering Committee
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Submitted by EFC Team on April 12th, 2011


Stephanie Herseth Sandlin

Former Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, a nationally recognized and respected leader in federal agricultural and energy policy, has accepted a seat on the 25x’25 National Steering Committee.
Herseth Sandlin, a principal at Olsson, Frank and Weeda Law, in Washington, D.C., has dedicated her professional career to advancing public policy important to agriculture, rural economic development, renewable energy and nutrition. She served from 2004-2011 as South Dakota’s at-large Member of Congress, where she served on the Agriculture, Veterans’ Affairs and Natural Resources committees.
Herseth Sandlin also was a member of the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming, where she represented the views and strengths of rural America in the national energy policy debate. She was the first woman elected to the U.S. House of Representatives from South Dakota, and during her time in office, she was the youngest woman serving in the Congress.
As a member of the Agriculture Committee, Herseth Sandlin helped write the 2008 Farm Bill, which included a number of innovative farm energy programs. She also worked to enact two Renewable Fuels Standards important to the biofuels industry.
Herseth Sandlin, who currently serves on the Board of Directors of the South Dakota State University Innovation Campus, was executive director of the South Dakota Farmers Union Foundation prior to her four terms in the U.S. House of Representatives.
Herseth Sandlin grew up on her family’s farm and ranch near Houghton, in the northeast part of South Dakota. She graduated from Groton High School and attended Georgetown University in Washington, where she graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa with a B.A. in Government. She received her law degree in 1997 from the Georgetown University Law Center, where she was a senior editor of the law review, and later served on faculty. She was a law clerk for both the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit and the U.S. District Court for the District of South Dakota.
“As an original cosponsor of the 25x’25 national goal resolution adopted by Congress in 2007, I am excited by the opportunity to move this initiative forward and achieve the renewable energy future envisioned by the Alliance,” Herseth Sandlin said. “This opportunity provides a tremendous platform for me to advocate on behalf of those solutions to our energy needs that our farms, ranches and forestlands can provide.”
“Former Rep. Herseth Sandlin is among a number of respected leaders that come from a wide array of political, military, academic and civic backgrounds and have recently joined our Steering Committee,” said 25x’25 Project Coordinator Ernie Shea. “Herseth Sandlin has a deep commitment to a new energy future and will be supporting 25x’25’s communications outreach initiatives designed to reframe the national energy debate. She will put a high-profile focus on how clean energy solutions from farms, ranches and forests will drive economic development, improve national security and provide valuable ecosystem services,” Shea said.
Media inquiries should be directed to Ernie Shea, 25x’25 Project Coordinator, at 410-252-7079, or EShea@25× For a hi-res photo of Herseth Sandlin, e-mail SHuggins@25×

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