About Us

From the beginning, the Coalition adopted the following statement of principles to guide its actions:

  1. The Coalition will be a diverse, inclusive, and non-traditional partnership of business, labor, nonprofit organizations, and individuals.
  2. The Coalition will be non-partisan.
  3. The Coalition will encourage policy options that emphasize technological innovation without constraining consumer choice.
  4. The Coalition will educate and advocate on the benefits of clean, affordable, and sustainable energy production and use, both in the United States and abroad.
  5. The Coalition recognizes that the transition to a new and sustainable energy economy will take years – indeed, decades – to achieve, and will also pursue shorter-term objectives.

The Coalition is organizing its public policy initiatives around the following premises:

  • The U.S. cannot make major reductions in greenhouse gas emissions unless it transforms its use of coal for electricity and oil for transportation.
  • A clean energy future is an affordable energy future, and the U.S. can lead the way in the development and distribution of new energy technologies that draw on locally abundant resources and that operate cleanly and safely.
  • Energy efficiency is the cleanest and cheapest source of energy for the U.S.