Energy Future Coalition (EFC)

What We're Doing

The Energy Future Coalition's strength is its ability to bring together diverse stakeholder groups to effect meaningful change in the energy sector. From its inception, the Coalition has built successful partnerships to promote clean energy, developed innovative business approaches to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and promoted high-level stakeholder engagement in the clean energy sector, as described further below.


Americans for a Clean Energy Grid

The U.S. power grid—our system for moving electricity from power plants to homes and offices—needs to be digitized and modernized. Revamping the grid should be a national priority to enhance its security, enable large-scale renewable energy deployment, and reduce efficiency losses. Learn more about how national, state, and local policies can bring about an expanded, secure, efficient, and intelligent electric power grid.

Rebuilding America

Energy efficiency is a golden opportunity for the United States to embark on a new clean energy path in a way that boosts the economy, creates jobs, and helps the environment at half the cost of building new power plants. But we need to change the rules to incentivize energy efficiency to make it the first fuel of choice.  Learn how the Energy Future Coalition's Rebuilding America initiative is working to upgrade the energy efficiency of 50 million buildings by 2020. 

Utility 2.0

The goal of our Utility 2.0 initiative is to prepare electric utility companies for a world of flat electricity demand, widespread distributed generation, electric vehicles, and high penetration of renewable energy. Electric utilities have been operating with relatively stable business models and regulations for more than a century, but the market dynamic is changing fast. The Governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley, charged the Energy Future Coalition with the task of designing one or more pilot projects to explore the contours of the utility of the future. We are now focused on exploring each of the individual tasks outlined in that design: customer-driven performance-based utility compensation; a programmable power-use environment; on-bill utility financing of customer smart-grid and efficiency measures; automated microgrids; electric vehicle charging as a grid asset; and regulatory model adjustments.

Eliminating Aromatics in Gasoline

The Energy Future Coalition is trying to call attention to the health risks of pollution caused by aromatic compounds in gasoline. We are: meeting with EPA and other stakeholders to draw attention to the issue; developing a comprehensive white paper on the science and health impacts of aromatics; recruiting allies to address the issue, such as the American Lung Association, Ford, and others; and planning a day-long conference in the fall about the existing research on the health effects of aromatics.

Renewable Energy: 25x'25

America's farms, forests, and ranches can provide 25% of America's energy by 2025. Renewable energy can reduce our use of imported oil, is better for the environment, and creates new jobs in rural and manufacturing communities. Learn how plants can be turned into transportation fuels, how the sun can power homes, and how wind is already making a difference in states like Texas and Florida.

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